Choco bar

Choco bar is a place for all your senses to enjoy…

Great coffee, mind-blowing smell of hot chocolate in it‘s luxury arangements, craft and artisan stuffed pralines, as long as other sweets that come out of Hedona technologists secret recipes.

  • The  smell of coffee will reduce your stress
  • You will make smarter and more efficient decisions
  • You will increase the production of neurotransmitters
  • Coffee won’t relieve your allergies, but it might take the edge off some of your worst symptoms
  • Caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulant, diuretic and mild laxative
  • It is obvious that chocolate improves blood circulation and better supplies the skin with nutrients
  • Chocolate stimulates the neurotransmitters responsible for managing sleep and good mood
  • Cocoa contains the compound epicatechin, which increases the level of nitric oxide and thus leads to dilation of blood vessels and improved blood flow
  • People that consumed large amounts of chocolate had a 17% lower risk of getting a stroke
  • One of the important antioxidants it contains is the flavonoid that gives chocolate a bitter and specific taste, and reduces the risk of various diseases, and even cancer
  • We make the best chocolate
  • We make the finest coffee
  • Our staff is warmhearted and friendly
  • This is your sweetest bar

“Will you have a cup of coffee?
– I am late for work.
– Does it mean, no?
– It means I‘m going to be late.”

Hedona – The only chocolate in the world that pleases all human senses.

Look, touch, smell, taste…listen to you mmmmmmunching

Working hours :

Monday – Saturday 07am – 22pm

Sunday and holidays 08am – 20pm

Razvojni centar i tehnološki park Križevci

Ulica Franje Tuđmana 20, 48260 Križevci


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