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Hedona d.o.o. Čokolaterija Križevci

We work with smile on our face!

The low share of unemployed persons with disabilities and the unfavorable qualification structure in the open labor market, unfortunately, is extremely present in Croatia. The result is long-term unemployment…

Hedona is sweet and sugar free!

Chocolate doesn’t have to be sweet and can be healthy. It has been proven to us by an innovative team of technologists from our Hedona chocolateria. Due to difficult business conditions and production, caused by unfavorable epidemiological picture in the…

Hedona d.o.o. Čokolaterija Križevci

A dice for every drop

Wine, chocolate and tea increase the cognitive functions of the brain, because they are extremely rich in flavonoids, which with their antioxidant action have a beneficial effect on the whole organism. By researching the effects of flavonoids, plant substances that…

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